Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Swop - Days Five and Six

Hello all -I'm a bit behind on my posts as there are so many Christmas things happening at the moment and I've just been so busy.

But here's day four of my swap package - I just can't get enough of pic monkey - you would have thought that the novelty of it would have worn off by now.
Here's what was inside -some very cute Hello Kitty lip balm. I really like the little charms on the lip balm. I think I will have to use them for some kind of craft project when the lip balm is all used up.
Here's my day five package - unfortunately some of the labels on the packages stuck together and got a little bit ripped. It still looks really pretty though.
Here's what was inside - some mascara and some mineral eyeshadow - I needed some new eye shadow too.
Well - I've had a very busy day out and about in town (photos later) and now Rich and I are off to the gardens for a friends birthday celebrations. Hurrah for summer!


Unknown said...

I have used PicMonkey for pretty long time already and still love it :)
x, Lara

Janet Saw said...

Oh those are great pampering stuff. Enjoy! :D

Vix said...

Picmonkey rocks!
Have a great day and enjoy summer, I'm very jealous! x

Krista said...

A girl can never have too much Hello Kitty anything:) did you hear about the HK inspired art show in NYC? Someone forgot to invite us!

Meghan Edge said...

Ooo Hello Kitty lip stuff! :-) That is awesome.

I haven't gotten sick of PicMonkey, either. As you probably know since I use it on all my outfit posts.