Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Hanukkah & mixed prints

At the moment I really do feel like summer is here, although I do live in Wellington so the weather is prone to changing without notice. However, today was a beautiful day, too bad I had to spend most of it in an office.

However after work Ria and I decided to hang out and visit the Hanukkah festival that was happening in Civic Square.
The Hanukkah Festival was a really big celebration - I really don't know that much about Judaism to be honest, but I did learn today that on Hanukkah they hand out chocolate coins. I still don't know the reasons for this, but I do know that a nice lady came around and gave us a chocolate coin and told us it was a Jewish tradition.
The festival was so lively and there was loads of music and dancing and our mayor was at the festival, seriously that lady is all over town. It's pretty cool to have a mayor who is so visible and also really approachable and friendly. This afternoon Ria and I got to meet her as we wanted to know if her mayoral robes had real ermine fur on them. I was a little disappointed to find out that they did, I always feel so sorry for little critters like ermine - she told us that sometimes the tails fall off the robes and today was one of those days as she was carrying an ermine tail around in her pocket.

Here's a photo of the Hanukkah festival - the tallest building you can see in the picture is actually the tallest building in Wellington. 
I did also do the Aussie Curves Challenge today - so this post does also include an outfit post. The theme this week was mixed prints and I'm wearing an animal print frock, animal print shoes and a scarf with a love heart print on it.
Sorry there's no close up detailed photos but after this Ria and I headed back to my house to make vegetarian nachos for dinner and I kind of forgot to take any more photos.  It was pretty fun taking an outfit post outside though - perhaps now Rich has finished playing football on Wednesday he can help me to do some more outdoors outfit photos.


Shoes - Number 1 Shoes
Tights & Cardi- Glassons
Dress - Illicit Clothing Aotearoa
Belt - The Warehouse
Brooch - Sucre Noir
Scarf - Equipt
Bracelet  - From Vany
Ring - Op Shopped


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm glad you're experiencing a wee bit of summer there in Wellington. Animal print really suits you. I like the stripe effect on the frock. I don't own ANY animal print. It's never been my thing, but I do like it on you. Xx

Unknown said...

Hanukkah is a mystery for me :) never seen such a celebration :)
You look great, for real!
x, Lara

Vix said...

Loving that snakeskin dress with the polka dot scarf and your dinner sounds delicious. I don't think I've ever seen an ermine but I used to shudder at the trim on our teachers' gowns when they wore them. x

alicia said...

why can't i walk around in ermine trimmed robes??? i guess i have to run for mayor...

Krista said...

You are always out and about girl, I love it! I'm not into wearing real fur of any kind so that is a bummer to hear. You look cute outside in your mixed prints. I think the coins were originally given to kids to give to their teachers and then I think and an American company turned them into chocolate but I also think they are suppose to symbolize the miracle of the oil that kept burning long after it should have gone out.

Curtise said...

Love your dress, you're looking rather foxy!
I love the fact that the kids learn about Hanukkah and Divali and Eid at school as well as all the endless Christmas talk... Now we just need to add some atheist/humanist stuff into the curriculum, for the sake of balance! xxxx

Helga said...

Working it!!! I'm getting braver at mixing prints.....
I had no idea there was such a Jewish community! I know we have a synagoue here...but know nothing about what goes on there!

Unknown said...

Amazing post!! :)
Would you like to follow each other? :)


Monsterchen said...

what an amazing dress and i love that pop of red with it!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I agree with Curtise, it's great that kids are learning about lots of different religious festivals in school, and I love how you're always doing something new. I think life must never be boring for you Trees because you're always out there discovering something new, and looking great while you're doing it. xx

Unknown said...

Is your dress snake print? I love me some snake print for sure and your cute flats. Its been fun looking thru your blog, I saw that you got some lash blast mascara and I dig that stuff, its what I use daily. It would be real nice if you could pop over to my blog for a minute, maybe we can follow each other and keep in touch.