Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Alt Country

I'm not quite sure what's happening with Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - this is the second week with not challenge.So I asked Rich to give me a challenge and he chose "Alt Country".
I really wish I had some cowboy boots - they would have been perfect for this challenge! I wasn't sure quite how to tackle the challenge Rich set, I think perhaps my outfit is a little more alternative than it is country.
Given that the challenges for Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge have become so sporadic - I've been wondering what to do. I have considered joining the Aussie Curves challenge, but then I had another idea that could also work out.
I decided, that I would ask you, dear readers to give me some Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge ideas!

What do you all think - all you have to do is leave your challenge in the comments section and I'll do my best to meet all the challenges.
The challenge can be a colour, an item of clothing or a colour or something more obscure like "Alt Country".


Dress - Illicit Clothing, Aotearoa
Cardigan - CB's blog shop
Tights - Glassons
Boots - Doc Martins, Bought in Seoul
Ring - Clothes swap party
Bracelet - Birthday Gift from Rich
Scarf - Bought from Asian import store in Left Bank Arcade, Cuba Street, Wellington


Julia said...

"Alt country" is a hard one!
Your skull cardi is too cute.
How about a floral challenge to celebrate the start of Spring?

cb said...

i think with the ascot it makes it a bit country but yes more alternative but i like it! how about a modern 50's challenge or 70's. those are two of my favorite eras!

Helga said...

Rockingly fab outfit,I adore that cardi! Intersting challenge!!I have NO idea what i would have done!!!
Ooo,so we get to challenge you?? Hahaha,hmmmm,how about attire to be worn whilst beating off cannibals? Where did that come from???

Unknown said...

I agree - Alt Country is a tough one and you did really well! LOVE the fab cardi.

My challenge: Barbarella goes back to the future!

Sarah xxx

Monsterchen said...

oh i love that amazing skull cardi!! and i also love your bracelet!
hm how about a folk or nostalgia wardrobe challenge?;)

Curtise said...

I think you did great with a tricky challenge, don't know what I would have worn!
What about Annie Hall chic?
Ignore this if you hate it! xxx

alicia said...

one cool cardi worn by two of my favourite people! <3