Friday, September 07, 2012

Ask Trees!

So I've been REALLY busy this week - work has been busy and I've been out most nights this week (except Monday). It feels like the week has flown by with little time for writing or reading blogs!

I'm off to Auckland this weekend for some work and some play - so I'm unlikely to do anything blog related over the weekend.

I just thought I'd pop by and say hello so you all know I'm still alive!

Also - inspired by my dear friend Alicia  and her "Ask So Pauve" posts - I've decided to make this an "Ask Trees" post.

If you've got something to ask me, just put it in the comments section and I'll try and answer next week (hopefully I'll have more time then!).

Have a great weekend all!!

Love Trees xoxox


alicia said...

yay! we should totally just quit our jobs and give advice full time!!!

my question for you is:

what would you do if you were sitting quietly in your living room one night while rich was asleep and it felt like there was something crawling on your face. you think it's just your hair, but then when you go to brush it away you realize that it's actually a horrible CENTIPEDE!!!

i'm asking because this really happened to me two days ago and it was BRUTAL.

bonus question: what's the best thing about being a kiwi? <3

love alicia

Helga said...

Squee! I hear you might be catching up with lovely Leisa at a market in Akl?! Hurrah!
ooo,I'm terrible at asking questions,and Alicia's is so dazzling I'm quite put off!!! Ha! Um,what's your fave place you've travelled to so far, and what is your ultimate destination?!

Penny-Rose said...

Just caught up on reading your blog. It looks like you had a lovely time in Wanganui. I like the photos of the tower and the tunnel. Hope you have a good time in Auckland. I can't think of a question! Sorry ;0

Julia said...

Have a wonderful time :)

If you could pick one word to descibe yourself with what would it be?

Vix said...

Have a fab time in Auckland!
My question would be, if you held a dinner party and could invite five guests, either living or dead, who would they be and why? x