Monday, September 03, 2012

Instagram - Week Three

I've made it to week three of instagram - I think I many now be a little addicted! Its a fun way to capture the every day moments in your life. Here's a few things I've been up to in the last week.
I got this awesome ink pad that you can use to print fabric - I decided to start with black, but I think I'll buy more colours in the future. I started out by printing some bat fabric.
I wore my white shoes and pink tights - I took a photo and it went all mad and blurry - I like it a lot.
More craft supplies in the mail! This time a big lump of rubber to carve more stamps from. Now I just need some ideas for stamp designs.
Fabric of one of the frocks I wore this week - its my nautical dress - its grey but covered in sailing ships and compasses.
I wore my mad pointy boots on Tuesday - so VERY pointy!
On Friday my lipstick matched my glasses - hows that for colour co-ordination!
I took Friday off as I've not been feeling well lately, turns out it was the perfect day to take off work as it was a stunning day. This is a sculpture on the waterfront called "The Albatross".
Sitting in the sunshine on Friday afternoon, watching the world go by.
I went to the Korean Supermarket this week and bought some Choco-Pies, amongst other things, some days I really miss Korea!
Also on my day off I went op-shopping and I picked up a couple of bags, I especially like the beaded bag.
Walking to catch a bus to Whanganui early on Saturday morning - I felt like I was the only person awake in the central city.

My favourite evening drink - Vanilla Chai Latte!
On Sunday Rich and I went up to visit the Botanical Gardens, via the Wellington Cable Car.

On Sunday night I did even more stamping, this time I made some kiwi fabric this time, I'm hoping to make some little pouches with this fabric. Stamping is fun - but you tend to end up with messy fingers!


Kc said...

Hello! :) Oh fun, I like the stamping idea! :) What is your instagram name? Hope you're feeling much better now! :)


Julia said...

Looks like a great week :)
I love that fountain - it's right outside kaffee eis, I really miss that place, I wish they'd open down here, their gelato is amazing!!

cb said...

choco pies! those sound heavenly and a trip to the botanical gardens! i hope you post about that!

alicia said...

aww kiwi fabric! <3

Curtise said...

Messy fingers are a small price to pay for all that stamping fun! Love the photo of your shadow, and your op shopped bag. Hope your day off was properly therapeutic! xxxx

Stacey said...

Isn't Instagram addictive? When I first tried it out I didn't think I'd keep doing it, and now I have hundreds of photos on there!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

your instagrams are so much fun- I love seeing your adventures! xx