Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Adventures in Aztec

Hello World - if you follow me on instagram, you'll already know I've had a really rubbish four days. Rich and I have both been sick with a nasty cold/bug - today I went to work but I'm still far from 100% and I have so much to do (isn't that always the way).

To make matters worse - it was an absolute stunner of a weekend, one of the best we have had for months and months. I'm crossing my fingers the beautiful weather will keep up so I can enjoy with some sunshine this weekend.

The one thing I DID manage to over the weekend is complete a new dress, its a simple tunic dress from my Sew La Tea Do book.

I've had this aztec print fabric sitting in my stash for a while, I bought it at the last fabric-a-brac and I decided that it was time that it finally became a dress. Here's a close up of the fabric.
I hope you've all been having a great week so far - here's hoping that I'll be feeling a bit better tomorrow.


Vix said...

I loved that fabric when you bought it and you've done a brilliant job, that is one fantastic dress!
Hope you and Rich start feeling much better soon. x

Julia said...

Oh no :( I hope you both feel better soon! There's nothing worse than feeling crap when the weather is finally nice.
That is such a cute dress, I love the print. Well done you xo

Curtise said...

You have my sympathies, as one fellow sick person to another! Hope you both feel much better soon.
Gorgeous fabric and a lovely frock. xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been hit with a lurgy on a gorgeous weekend. I hope the weather holds out until you're able to get out & enjoy it. I love this frock. The cut is gorgeous, I adore the pockets & the fabric is groovy! Xx

Unknown said...

Oh no - hope you feel better! That frock is fab - i LOOOVE the fabric! Sarah xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

You did really well to be so productive while you weren't well. Love this dress, the print really makes it special and I love those boots too! I need some new boots and I want them to be exactly like yours! xx

cb said...

i am so sorry that your weekend a spent sick! i am glad you are feeling a bit better. don't worry next weekend will be amazing too! and so is your dress! love the print!

Krista said...

Feel better sweetie! I love that this is what you can do while feeling ill~ make a killer dress! It looks great!

Helga said...

Bugger being sick.NO FAIR!
Get well.NOW!
The frock rocks,I remember when you bought the fabric!Your sewing is booming!XXXXXXXXXXXX

alicia said...

boo to being sick! i had to work for five days in a row - 8 hours each - and i was SO sick. luckily i infected a minimum of two co-workers as my revenge.

<3 <3 <3

Stacey said...

Love the fabric! It looks great as your gorgeous new dress. :)