Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Locally Made

I did consider wearing something I made for this challenge - but I usually show you what I've made as soon as I'd made it so I thought I'd better wear something different.
This is one of my favourite dresses ever - its also my travelling dress as its super stretchy and comfortable. It's not by a Wellington label, but an Auckland label called Illicit Clothing. They currently sell street wear - hoodies and tee shirts and import a few dresses, tops, etc... from some USA labels. But there was a time when they used to make the cutest girls clothing. I am not sure why they stopped doing this - I used to see lots of girls wearing their stuff.

When I went to put this frock on yesterday I was a bit worried - I thought it might have been as case of "designed in NZ - made in China" but I was happy to learn the dress was both designed and made right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Excellent.

My outfit/accessories aren't terribly New Zealand, although every single day I wear this cute ring that Rich bought me for my 30th Birthday. It's from the New Zealand Jewellery designer Meadowlark. I think when I reach my weight loss goal (10kgs down - 20kgs to go) I might buy myself another one of their rings to reward myself for a job well done (hopefully I will make it before the end of this year).


Dress - Illicit Clothing, Aotearoa
Scarf - Equipt
Belt & Tights - Glassons


Kc said...

Cool dress!! :) it looks like a great traveling dress, I always like wearing leggings when traveling cose they're nice and comfy :)


Curtise said...

Mmmm, that's a sexy little number! You look great, I love the frock. If I had to wear an English made outfit, it would have to be vintage, don't think anything new is made here (in my price bracket, anyway!) xx

Vix said...

Wow! You look seriously sexy! loving the snake print and how tiny your waist is looking. Phwoar! You are one hot babe! x

Meghan Edge said...

very adorable dress. I love the neckline on you- the scoop it excellent! I was hoping you'd pick something you made, though, just because I'm envious of your pretty dresses and amazing skills. You rock.

cb said...

i love the cut of the dress, i am also a fan of scoop necks too :). i have only a few things that are locally made, i think i need to up that quantity!

Stacey said...

I very much like that dress! The cut & colour really suit you. I really love your wardrobe challenge posts!

Helga said...

Phwoar!! Looking fabulous in that adorable frock!
I think the designer of the frocks that Illicit used to sell (Misery? Was that the label??) and the owner of Illicit had a big falling out.I used to know the girl who ran their short lived CHCH store, and I think the owner went a bit nasty, or something.

What Sadie Did said...

You should def treat yourself to a ring when you reach your goal - you are looking incredible already though!! Well done lady!
I also really like your makeup in this post - is it different?

AND yes def meet up in the next week or so!!

Sadie x

Wait Until The Sunset said...

oohh! cute scarf!

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset