Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Yellow

It's time for a wee break from my Sydney photos - but there are more to come I promise.

Its time for a Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge outfit post, this week was a bit difficult for me as it was the colour yellow. The two colours that I don't really like or wear often are yellow and orange.

However, I did remeber that my friend Fiona gave me this yellow cardy a while ago when she was having a wardrobe clear out. I have wore it a few times, but I haven't been wearing it recently, so I thought it was a good time to show it the light of day again.

Today's photos were taken in our flat - so they are a little dark - sorry about that! Kat's schedule and mine didn't match up today so we didn't have a chance to meet for a photoshoot.

Outfit Deets:

Dress - Dangerfield, Sydney
Cardy - Ruby, From my friend Fiona's wardrobe clear out
Tights - Glassons
Necklace - Bondi Markets, Sydney
Brooch - I bought it offline somewhere - I can't remeber where
Shoes - Number 1 Shoes

Well its a short and sweet post from me today, we just came back from a Richter City Roller Derby fundraising quiz night. We came second! Which is pretty impressive given the number of teams there. Our prize is a $40 bar tab and SIX tickets to the next bout, which isn't bad for a nights work.


cb said...

what a lovely outfit! i love that soft yellow with your black hair and that necklace is so great too!


What Sadie Did said...

Ooh is that your new dress (and necklace) from Sydders?? Love them both!!

Good work with the yellow! and the quiz!!

Sadie x

Trees said...

Cb - Thanks for your comment - I am really never sure how to wear yellow!

Sadie - yes new frock & new necklace from Sydney - I can't wait to go to Melbourne for my girly shoppin trip!! Yes - we did so well with the quiz, to be honest, we didn't think we were doing well at all.