Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green with envy

I haven't gone completely crazy with green hair dye - this is a wig that I wore to our friends Ross and Shelley's party last night. In case you haven't guessed the party theme was "green".
I picked up this wig for the grand price of $5 at a local Asian import store (2Cheap on Willis Street for Wellingtonians reading this) and I was actually pretty chuffed with it. In fact, when we were walking to meet some other friends in town to get a lift to the party a lady yelled out "Babe! I love the hair!".

I did mean to get more photos of the party - but I just didn't get there. Which is a pity as Ross and Shelley did an amazing job!

Maybe next time I visit the hairdressers I should get green extensions....

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