Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keep Me Warm Swap

I've been doing a few swaps on Craftster lately - including a "Keep Me Warm" swap. For this swap the requirements were to send some kind of hot drink, a hot drink accessory and some kind of accessory to keep warm.

First up - some ice cream sauce (it is summer in New Zealand after all), a tin of hot chocolate, homemade marshmallows, milkshake mix and sea salt chocolate.

Next up is a little mug cozy - with my favourite Sanrio character on it - Kuromi. It's really cute and well made.I also recieved a Kuromi hat - it's kind of silly and crazy but I like it a lot!Finally a cute little skull headband.


Eat,Bake,Love said...

Just wanted to say 'Hi' and that I luurve reading your blog! Also I was hoping you could tell me where you bought your sea salt lindt chocolate? I've never seen it in Welly before and it sounds out of this world good!

Trees said...

Thanks for your lovely comment:)

The sea salt chocolate was recieved in a craft swap where my partner was in Australia. But I have seen something simmilar in New World Metro - I am not sure if it was Lindt though.