Friday, December 10, 2010

Squirrel Love

I love squirrels - many of my North American friends really don't seem to understand why and many are shocked when I tell them we don't have squirrels in New Zealand and that's why I find them so cute and interesting.

But it seems Taiwanese people love squirrels too, recently I was going for a walk in 2-28 Peace Park and found loads of people surrounding a tree with camera's. I thought it was pretty strange. But when I got closer I found that everyone was taking photo's of squirrels in the trees and feeding them what looked like oranges. Squirrels must like oranges.

I actually got close enough to take a good photo of one of the squirrels. I don't have one of those huge, expensive semi-professional camera's that everyone seems to have in asia but I still managed to get a good squirrel photo or two.
Whilst I was out I decided to take a few photo's of some of the sites near my school and apartment seen as I am leaving Taipei soon. Most of the photos here are taken at either 2-28 Peace Park or the CKS Memorial. I always liked the gate which is in the middle of a road, and I was very surprised I was able to get such a car free shot. The benefit of being out and about late on a Sunday afternoon I guess.

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