Friday, September 03, 2010

I'm Home Again.....

After around 16 hours flight time (Seoul to Sydney and then Sydney to Auckland) I'm finally home again.

It's pretty awesome to be home, even though it was so cold today I had to stop off at Glassons and buy a winter hat. Even though the news said it's only 15 degrees in Auckland it feels much colder to me!

It looks like we will be staying in Auckland this weekend and hopefully catching up with a couple of friends, then it's off to Tauranga to see Rich's family (we'll hopefully fit in a brieft visit to Hamilton somewhere) and finally to Taranaki to see my family.

So I think my blogging and blog reading/commenting shall be a light for a while.

I will be out enjoying New Zealand with my family and friends and appreciating the green, enjoying hearing New Zealand accents all around me, eating awesome food and wondering why everyone seems to be so laid back.


Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

wow 16 hours you must be exhausted !!
get some rest have a great weekend !!!

Trees said...

I love NZ - but that's the problem - we're such a long way from the rest of the world!