Monday, September 20, 2010

Walking near my parents place

My parents own a dairy farm near Hawera in Taranaki. When I was in New Zealand I spent about a week at their place and it was pretty cold and wet (really it felt like it rained the whole time we were in New Zealand).

On the odd occassion it did stop raining, Rich and I would take the oppourtunity to go for a walk. We only managed to head out for two short walks whilst we were at my parents due to the weather, which was a real shame and I would have liked to have done some walks on the mountain but the weather just wouldn't co-operate.

The donkey is my mum's donkey - Sultan, as you can see from his very thick coat the weather was pretty cold!


Victoria said...

Awww I'm so sorry the weather was so bad, you must be disappointed :( That donky is so cute, he looks cuddly too! :) xxx

Jamie said...

oh my gosh it's beautiful! that donkey is so darn cute and that rainbow looks to perfect to be real!!

Trees said...

The weather was a little disappointing but I guess you can't do much about the weather!

I thought that rainbow was really cool as well - it was the first one I had seen in over a year.

Oh and Sultan is a really sweet donkey - but he will really love you if you bring him an apple or some carrots^^