Monday, July 26, 2010

Pifan or Pucheon Fantastic Film Festival

On Friday after work Rich and I took an hour and half subway journey to Pucheon to attend the Pucheon Fantastic Film Festival (Pifan). We had been waiting for this festival forever! I was really excited as it was the first time I'd actually gone to a film festival rather than just attending whatever festival's were in my city.

Here's a couple of shots of our hotel - it's actually one of the nicer hotels we've stayed in but as it turns out it becomes a bit of a love motel after dark!

Here's a night time shot of Pucheon, it's acutally much bigger than I thought! It also seems to be a city of neon. It felt like there was more neon here than in central Seoul.Our first movie was "Down Terrace" which we watched on the first night with Joseph and his son Cohen who is in Korea for his summer break from University. We also caught up the guys the following morning to watch a Japanese film called "Confessions".

After that we had some time to kill so decided to check out some of Pucheon. Here's the Pucheon "cultural bridge" - I'm a little fuzzy on what makes it soon cultural but it's a pretty cool bridge.

We also visited a park near one of the many venues where they were playing films - this was a very cool park and they had closed down the road near the park so kids could ride their pedal cars around. Which was pretty cute.

Here's a few photo's we took outside on of the venue's for the festival, the Pucheon town hall, there was some kind of competition on where people make sculptures out of food packaging.

Here I am, feeling rather happy with a whole bunch of movie tickets! A lot of ghouls turned up for the screening of Death Bell 2 - I even got to meet a couple of them. I thought afterwards maybe I should look more scared in this photo.Part way through the festival, we all decided we needed a break so we headed to Aiins World, a theme park which features minitures of some of the worlds great buildings and monuments. It was great cheesy fun!

Here's a few photo's from our last day, we watched our final film at a museum in Pucheon. It was a pretty cool museum - it even had a Miffy exhibition on but we didn't really have time to check it out.

I'll blog a little more about the films I actually watched later when I have a little more time.

I'm leaving for Hanoi and Hong Kong early tommorrow, so blogging will be pretty limited in that time.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Indy said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the picture with all the balloons!

ThatDamnCat said...

That looks like so much fun! And I kept reading some posts of oyur that I missed and those bitrhday gifts are just wicked awesome! I love funny t-shirts, but I always have to buy them for myself or others, cause no one I know seem to find them. very odd. Or, I just realized, they ssut don't like buying them. Ah well, guess it's my thing, then :P

Trees said...

Korea has so many crazy t-shirts - although I was just in Macau and saw a Ronald McDonald/Hilter Tee. I'll post pics of that later!