Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's the rainy season

The rainy season that all my Korean co-workers talk about so much has finally arrived. It rained for about 24 hours and we have had another shower and by the look of the very dark sky outside I think it will rain again before the night is over.

All this is a little depressing and completely ruined our plans to visit Gangwha Island this weekend.

So instead of seeing dolmen's and observatories and other interesting things I ended up crafting and reading most of the weekend. Which isn't a bad way to spend the weekend but it isn't what I had in mind!

Here's the cross-stitch I'm currently working on, I bought the pattern from a seller called Pop Soup on Esty who sells all kinds of retro and kitsch patterns. This design will be a pin up sailor girl when I'm done.Rich and I also did some shopping in the Uijeongbu underground mall yesterday as we really needed to get out of the house and we wouldn't get wet shopping in the mall. The underground mall is unlike a mall in New Zealand or other western countries.

It's basically a collection of very small stall holders with tiny shops - it's more like a market than a mall and it's like a rabit warren to navigate! Rich is able to navigate it well but he is basically like a human GPS, I have no sense of direction and always end up lost!

On Saturday we did find a new "handmade" shop. It's a bead shop where the woman makes jewellery out of crystal bead sculptures. These are pretty popular here in Korea, I have seen simmilar things in New Zealand but nothing quite as amazing as what you can find here.

I decided to buy these little chick earrings as I love these quirky earrings and they were just too cute not to have!I would love to learn how to make some of this stuff! One of my students has given me a handmade cellphone charm of a witch made in this style. She told me her aunty helped her to make it. I guess there are classes around that teach you how to make these cute beaded creatures but it's hard to find them when you don't speak Korean.

Also I finally bought some new sunglasses! I have needed new ones for a while but I haven't been able to find ones I like. I usually like really dark sunnies as I wear contacts and bright sun really hurts my eyes.

It seems that sunglasses in Korea aren't as dark as the ones we get back in New Zealand but I really needed new ones so I bought these. Excuse the self portrait photo!


Tillie said...

AH! That stitch is freaking. amazing.

Trees said...

Thanks Tille - not long after this photo was taken I had a major cross-stitch fail!

But no major damage done - I will have more progress updates ^^