Saturday, August 07, 2010

I've finally returned to Korea!

After an eight day holiday that included visiting three countries - Rich and I are finally home!

We visited Vietnam (Hanoi and Halong Bay), Hong Kong and made a day trip to Macau. It was a lot of fun but also very tiring. You know the old saying, I think I need a holiday to recover from my holiday.

I have so many pictures to post and stories to tell, but for now, I will leave you with a picture of a Kuromi cake (in case you don't know, Kuromi is my favourite character in the Hello Kitty "universe") I saw in a bakery in Hong Kong.
In other news it's now officially less than ONE MONTH until we leave Korea which is pretty crazy. The last year has gone so quickly. We have now started packing up our apartment and will soon buy our tickets for Taipei - we're due there mid September, some very busy times ahead.

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