Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Film 41 - Under the Mountain

Film 41 was watched on a miserable rainy night at home (but it's summer so at least it's not cold).

Under the mountain was a TV show that was on in NZ when Rich and I were kids, to be honest, I don't really remember it very well.

However, the TV series does hold a special place in Rich's heart!

The remake was directed by Jonathan King who also directed the rather awesome Kiwi film, Black Sheep.

The film is about a set of twins who move to Auckland from rural New Zealand after their mother is killed in a car crash. They go to live with their Aunty and Uncle and cousin who have some rather strange neighbours.

Long story short the neighbours turn out to be alien's from another world and the twins have to work with another alien (Sam Neil) to stop some even worse alien's from being released from Auckland's volcano's.

The film and TV series are based on a novel by Maurice Gee who is one of my favourite writers and the special effects were done by WETA workshops.

But the whole film fell a little bit flat, I don't think it deserved the horrible review's it received, it's not a bad film.

I think it just lacked "heart" really - but on the upside it was really great to watch a New Zealand film! It's so great to hear everyone speak with Kiwi accent's and say really Kiwi things.

It has also inspired me to hunt down the original series and see what it's like and also read Maurice Gee's book.

I can't help but think there is a great story in there somewhere - it's just lost it's way a little.

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