Saturday, July 03, 2010

Vietnam, Hong Kong & Macau

We have now made our decision, seen as China won't give us a visa we have decided to go to Vietnam and spend our holiday money there seen as Vietnam is happy to give us a visa.

We have spoken to our lovely travel agent at Soho travel and have a pretty good deal on our flights, all we need to do now is arrange for a time to go and pay for our tickets and have some passport photo's taken for our visa's.

I've been looking at a few photo's of Vietnam and it looks pretty amazing. We will be there for six days, most of which will be spent in Hanoi.

We are also planning on doing an overnight trip with intrepid journey's to halong bay where we will spend an evening sleeping on a junk. I'm really excited about this as Halong bay looks so beautiful.

The we will be spending about three days in Hong Kong and will hopefully go over to Macau as well.

Well, there's our updated holiday plans. I still feel a little annoyed we can't go to China but I'm sure that Vietnam will be totally awesome too.

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