Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hearts & Anchors

So you guys may (or may not) remeber that one of my goals for this year was to tackle my large pile of mending of and UFOs. If you're thinking to yourself right now, what's a UFO?  Well its an unfinished object! I have a LOT of UFOs around, I don't know WHY I do this to myself, but I will get all excited for a project and then give up half way through for no apparent reason. Or even WORSE than that, just cut the project out and put it in a plastic bag (to keep the pieces together) and not touch it again for MONTHS (ok I do know WHY I do this - I love cutting out fabric).

Back to the current project, I cut out this dress one time when I was at home sick. I started to feel better in the afternoon and was going a little stir crazy. I wasn't feeling 100% but at the same time I'm not good at not doing anything.

So I decided to grab this hearts and anchor fabric I had bought from a vintage fair (although its definitely not vintage - its still cute though) and Salme Bow Dress that I had printed out a few weeks back. I stuck the pattern together, cut out the pattern and cut out the dress. After I did that I was thoroughly exhausted because I was sick and meant to be resting. I put it all in a plastic bag and left it in the pile with all my other UFOs.

But in the spirit of making good on my resolution to finish up all of my outstanding UFOs I finished making the dress up a few weeks ago!
So I'm still not sure I am sold on this dress, it seems a little boxy to me, but I wore it to work and I got a lot of compliments! Also I  think the belt helps, but this belt is actually a bit big for me (not what you really want with an elasticated belt) so it may be less boxy if the belt fit better.
So a few points on the pattern, if you are familiar with it you will know the original does not have sleeves. But I wanted sleeves so I added some (I just added the sleeves from the Laurel dress and they worked fine).

Also the dress is pretty short and if you're taller than me (5'6) you MAY want to lengthen it - but if short dresses are your thing that's cool too. 

The other thing is the pattern instructions are pretty basic, that's fine if you have a bit of sewing experience as the dress is quite easy to put together. However if I tried to make this dress a couple of years back when I was first starting out sewing I think it would have quickly ended in tears!
So I DO  have to admit something, although I'm not 100% sure about this dress I HAVE cut another one. Hopefully it won't become another UFO (but lets face it - that's probably going to happen!).


Curtise said...

It's a cute dress, so yes, make another one, and get a well-fitting belt that cinches you in at the waist and shows off your lovely figure! xxx

Louise said...

Such a cute dress! I really love the pattern / fabric; it would look awesome with a red belt. I never get on with those elasticated belts, I just end up readjusting them every few minutes until I lose the will to live, take them off, and throw them across the room! xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Great dress, I love that bow neckline. I'm the polar opposite of the UFO, I tend to make myself ill because I can't stop until I've finished. Not a great trait when you have a chronic illness! Xx

Anonymous said...

I think this is super cute on you! And I like idea above of using a red belt.