Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Platoon Kunsthalle

On Saturday Rich and I visited Platoon Kunsthalle in Seoul with friends- what is Platoon Kunsthalle you may ask? Well I'm still not entirely sure even after attending the "What the @#$% is Platoon" talk.

But I can tell you that Platoon Kunsthalle started in Berlin by a couple of guys who wanted to run a new kind of advertising company and created their office space out of some shipping containers in a vacant lot in central Berlin.

It seems that in a nutshell they support creative projects by accepting advertising jobs. It also seems that most people volunteer to be part of Platoon which ensures there is plenty of money for them to support creative projects.

The space in Seoul is pretty amazing and it's built from shipping crates - there are some artists works on display but it seems to be mainly and event space. There were some DJ's performing when we were there, and it seems that they regularly have other interesting events. I'm really looking forward to going to their night market next time it's on.

Basically it's a cool place to hang out and attend some events - looking forward to heading back there again soon.

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