Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dr Fish

Last Saturday we finally went to Dr Fish - Dani had been to the Dr Fish in Gangnam before and said it was great so the three of us went along.

What is Dr Fish? You may be asking yourself - it's a really good question. Apparently Dr Fish started in Turkey and it consists of tanks you put your feet into and the fish eat all the dead skin off your feet.

Apparently this cafe had two different types of fish as well - some with teeth and some without. It's all very very strange.

The cafe itself is very large and you can buy waffles, ice cream and all kinds of drinks. There are also books to read (although I think only one was in English) and you could basically just hang out all day if you wanted too.

You pay a small fee to use the Dr Fish tanks, you wash your feet before you go in, put your feet in the tank and then the fish go to work - it's like a swarm of fishes eating your feet. We think we had they type with teeth as occassionally I'm sure I felt a bite! But it also can tickle a lot - especially when they are in the arch of your foot.

It's a pretty strange but good way to spend and afternoon and your feet do feel soft afterwards.

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