Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chucky is back!

For the past couple of weeks, I've been teaching prepositions - in, on, under, beside. For each topic I teach four classes and the last class is always a review class.

For my preposition review class my students we given a picture of a bedroom and asked to draw certain items in the bedroom. For example - draw a bag under the table, draw a book in the bookcase, draw a pencil in the pencil case.

The first time I taught this class (I teach each class eleven times) I was treated to a round of blank stares when I said "draw a doll on the bed". The children all knew what a bed was, but the word doll was a mystery to them.

When we marked the exercise, one of my brighter children happily told me that the doll he had draw was "Chucky" and made the horror movie stabbing motion with an imaginary knife.

I can remeber when "Child's Play" came out when I was pretty young. I know that there have been subsequent horrible sequels (I watched "Seed of Chucky" last year - that was a mistake) but I really didn't think these kids would have any idea who Chucky was.

In a later class, when I teaching the same lesson and I was greeted with blank stares when I said "draw a doll on the bed" - I followed it up with "A doll, you know, like Chucky". I recieved head nods of acknowlegement and a few horror movie knife motions from some of the boys.

When teaching in Korea, every day is truely is an adventure. I am however, glad I am a horror fan - I have friends who cringe at the mere thought of Chucky. I'm not sure what they would think of a classroom of Korean boys with their invisible horror movie knives.

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