Saturday, March 20, 2010

Creepy Cute Craftster Swap

Recently I took part in the creepy cute craft swap on craftster and earlier this week I received a really cool creepy cute package from my swap partner. I really love what she made me - especially the hair bows, in fact I have been searching her online esty store just now and considering the purchase of more creepy hair bows....

Anyways back to my package - here's the things I received - firstly a very cute altered slip with a red and white poka dot skully.

I also received a big and beautiful poka dot bow to match the slip - it's very cool - I wore it to work on Friday and it made me feel a bit better about having to teach with a disappearing voice (more about that in another post!). Next up is a "Butcher Bow" it's very me but not school friendly! I will have to save it for the weekends I think. I also received a set of cherry hair clips which I plan on wearing with my cherry dress to the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival. I know Cherry blossoms and cherries are two quite different things but hey it will be kind of in the spirit right? I also received some vegan candy which I am saving at the moment, I'm sick and I want to eat it when I am better and enjoy it. I also received a cute "I heart tofu" tea towel but I forgot to take a photo, yeah, I''m sick and my brain isn't working the best.

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missmuffcake said...

If you ever want something different from what you see on etsy let me know! I have tons of fabric and stuff here!