Thursday, November 20, 2008

Farewell Cardy, Hello Hat!

So over the past few months, my much loved green cardy with the pink skulls reached it's "expiry date" - it had become old, and kind of fluffy and not very nice to wear at all.

But I couldn't let it go, as it was one of my favourite cardy's ever! So I decided it was time to "upcycle" it instead.

I know that it's coming into summer and not winter but I'm always cold so I figured I could refashion it into a cute little hat like the one I made Grace for the last crafty foxes swap.


Ange said...

ha ha - that is so cool.
You know you remind me of this lady on the Better Home & Gardens tv show. Very clever :-) You can both make anything out of anything and make it look fantastic.

Ok - enough pumping your ego ;-)

Trees said...

If only I could get someone to pay me to do crafts! Is the better home & garden lady in need of an apprentice? :P