Sunday, November 23, 2008

The interweb is a dangerous place

So as many people know, I am a bit of a trade me addict, it all began with wanting to get rid of some of the excess "stuff" I had - the usual stuff - clothes and shoes I never wore, books I hadn't looked at in years, old jewellery (but the clear out never extended to my CD collection - they are my babies and we shall never part) this was all well and good until I began to use the search function of trade me and found delightful vintage dresses and craft supplies and skulls.

Well back to my current story -one of my youngest brothers has taken to collecting things from the year he was born, he is of a 1986 vintage.

My mum told me of his new hobby as clearly it gives us all something to buy him for Christmas, so with the younger brothers Christmas present in mind I searched trade me for things from the delightful year of 1986. I have come across two amazing 1986 presents - one I have already won - and one I am hoping I do win as he will love it as it reflects a shared childhood obessession.
But unfortunatly I can't share either of these wonderful 1986 themed gifts on here - because if little brother visits the blog then his Christmas surprise will be ruined.

But whist I was on trade me I did happen to search "skulls" a very bad and dangerous idea - especially when a pair of skully kitty sneakers pops up on the screen in size 9! So now I am the proud owner of a pair of super cute least they only cost $11.50 and they are good for walking right? I especially like the pointy toe!

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