Monday, November 24, 2008

(Almost) Vegan Pizza

When it comes to pizza in our house - Rich is the pizza master. In fact - prior to this evening I cannot remember the last time I made pizza, perhaps it was in my flatting days or perhaps even earlier when I lived at home with my family and homemade pizza consisted of a can of spaghetti as a base.

Rich is away at the moment, so I thought, for once I would make a homemade Pizza - it's time for my pizza making skills to shine!

I found a vegan recipe for pizza on my new favourite blog friend or doe and got to work, unfortunately, I couldn't find any of the basil and garlic paste that was mentioned in the recipe so I decided to use pesto instead which is next closest thing - but it isn't vegan - what with the Parmesan and all.

Then, once I had ruined the whole vegan party with the pesto, I figured I may as well add some cheese on top. It's vegetarian cheese though in my defense!

So I ended up having vegetarian pizza instead of vegan - but it was truly delish pizza - maybe I'll make it for Rich when he gets home to prove my pizza making skills.

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