Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Anniversary Weekend in Nelson

So a few weekend back Rich and I went to Nelson for the weekend to celebrate our 6 year anniversary! I'm not sure where those 6 years I am sounding seriously old!!

For the first part of our trip my camera didn't work - due to the batteries being flat (which was very hard for a photo geek to cope with) but then I managed to hunt down a dairy and get some good quality batteries and I was on my way with mad photo taking again.

Here's a few shots from our trips - firstly the cathedral and the surrounding park, as well as some of the lovely buildings in Nelson.

These photo's were taken from the top of our motel at sunset - I can't even begin to describe how cold it was up there at sunset. The days in Nelson were nice and Sunday but the evenings chilled to the bone! (But I admit I am an uber wuss when it comes to cold!)

The next day we decided to walk to the top of the hill where the "Centre of New Zealand" is, there was a trig up there but I am not actually convinced it's the centre point of New Zealand but then I am a complete cynic! Along the way we came across more lovely scenery - lots of pretty parks and trees with their autumn leaves.

The view from the centre of New Zealand over Nelson

After the centre of New Zealand we did a few more wee walks around the city and came across a few amazing old "manor" type houses like this one.

Our final morning in Nelson - with the sun shining!

Returning home to Wellington from Nelson (and before you ask, yes when we touched down in Wellington it was raining!)

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