Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nankz Birthday Present - A Treeling!

It seems to me that June & July are always periods of birthday MADNESS!!! I seem to have some many friends who have birthdays around this time.

Recently it was my friend Nankz birthday and to celebrate he had a dessert party - I have never ever seen so much dessert in one place.....mmmm....tasty!!

Sorry I got a bit distracted thinking about the dessert...I decided to make Nankz a "Treeling" for his birthday. I have a book called "softies" and it had a pattern for a Treeling and I just thought it would be something Nankz would like.

Anyways - here's a picture of the Treeling. I think he is rather cute:)

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Ange said...

Ha ha - very cute :-)