Monday, June 23, 2008

A Long Saturday Night Out!

So this Saturday just been was my good friend Ross' birthday - so he invited Rich and I out to dinner with him. We ended up having dinner at Harem (I promise you all - I didn't force Ross to have dinner at Harem - it was his choice!). The dinner was fantastic as per usual and Ross seemed to like the t-shirt that Rich had stencilled for him. Ross is a huge fan of the "Alien" series so Rich stencilled a t-shirt based on the poster image of the first movie. I should have really taken a photo to show off but I just forget!!

Ross had a ceroc dance party later on that night so Rich and I hung about town whilst we waited for the Thought Creature album release party - yah!! I have been waiting for this gig for ages as Thought Creature has to be my favourite Wellington band and they always put on the best show. This time it included the throwing around on handmade plushie toys and people dancing on stage in all sorts of crazy costumes - like rabbits, there was a girl in a victorian style dress wearing a big teddy bear head and some guy with a bull head on. So awesome!

But by the time we finally go home from the gig it was 2am - we had left home at about 5:30pm to meet Ross for dinner! Crazy!

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