Saturday, June 07, 2008

China - Day three - Century Park

So our third day in China was spent shopping, sweltering (the weather was very hot!) and at the park. Shopping and Sweltering arn't the most interesting topics I thought I would focus on the park - Century Park to be precise.

We made our way to the Park on the Metro and on the way we stopped at the "fakes" market which resulted in me spending far too much money on accessories. But then who doesn't need a tiara I ask you?

After the stop off at the fakes market we made our way to Century Park - the final walk there from the Metro Station was kind of cool as you had to walk along a long cobbled walkway which gave you a wonderful view of Shanghai.

When we made it to Century Park the next question was - what IS the best way to get around? We could have walked - but why walk when you also have the option of a little pedal car or a boat. Given the condition of the lake the boat was going to have to float on (it wasn't too clean) we decided on the pedal car. Which was great fun for us and for all the Chinese people hanging out at the park who thought three white girls in a pedal car was a great joke!

After the adventures in the park it was time for shopping, then on the way back we came across another interesting park area. You have got to love all the parks in Shanghai!

And finally - Shanghai is hosting the world expo in 2010 so this guy HAD to turn up some where in this blog! He's the mascott for the expo - but I'm not sure what he is?

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Ha ha - love the hedge people :-)