Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friday 26 October - time 4:29am - waiting for flight to Melbourne

Here's an extract from my Journal whilst waiting for my flight to Melbourne.

The things I do for friendship!

I'm waiting at Wellington airport at 4:29am waiting to board my flight to Melbourne at 5:35am - I am already SO tired.

The waiting is always the worst part. I left Aro at about 3:30am, then the taxi driver told me that the airport doors only open at 4:00am!

So I am now at a loss as to what to do for the next hour or so - I've already checked out the Duty Free. I am seriously considering buying an Ipod or some other type of Pod that plays MP3's - but I think I'll wait till after I've left Melbourne.

The food places here at the airport are already open and people are already eating heavy greasy breakfasts first thing in the morning - perhaps more out of boredom than anything else?

I have to say that there are VERY limited healthy vegetarian options at Wellington Airport at 4:36 am on a Friday morning.

I guess I will wander a bit - I am meant to buy vodka for Kat and Cigarettes for Fiona but I think I will buy those when I leave Melbourne to use up the last of any Australia cash I may have.

Perhaps I will go to Whitcoulls and buy a magazine to keep me entertained - but then - all magazines you can buy at Whitcoulls for women are tripe! I really don't want to read Cosmo or Cleo or Women's weekly.

Bring on Melbourne I say!

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