Sunday, November 11, 2007

"No new clothes" Manifesto

What the hell? Teresa not buying new clothes? What's going on? Well I tell you what's going on folks:)

Both Kat and I want to go travelling next year (to different parts of the world for different reasons) however, Kat and I are both clothes horses (I'm sure she won't be offended by my saying she's a clothes horse) which usually means spending a fair wack of money!

Recently Kat has been teaching me to sew and I have also been getting into the idea of altering stuff I already own and cheap and choice finds from the second hand stores into new stuff - great way to save some pingers and also to reduce my "carbon footprint".

Anyways Kat and I decided a good way to increase the time we spend crafting and decrease the amount of cash we spend on clothes was to make a vow of "no new clothes for the next 6 months".

This shall be tricky, and no doubt there will be slip ups along the way - but I think we can do it!

Here's my list of rules for "No new clothes" -

1. For the course of the 6 months I may buy fabric, second hand clothes (including second hand clothes from trade me), clothes from clothes swap parties - but no new clothes!

2. The exception to the first rule is I may buy new underwear, hoisery, togs and shoes (if they are a necessity - like if my gym shoes break)

3. Teresa and Kat shall have a regular sewing night!

4. At the end of the 6 months - we will much more fabulous, more personalised wardrobes than we have ever had before!

Let the games begin - as always - creations will be posted on my blog.

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