Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My weekend

So I know it's a bit late so here's what I did over the weekend - I actually took Friday off work as sick leave as I was still feeling unwell. I didn't do much that day except watch really bad daytime TV like Dr Phil - but at the end of the day I was so bored of TV I actually started cleaning - yes - I know that is very scary but at least the flat was tidy for the weekend even if it upset my asthma for the most of the weekend (stupid dust!).

Rich and I just had a quiet night on Friday night, headed down to Aro Cafe for a hot chocolate and then went out and got out a couple of DVD's. On Friday night we watched "Dr Strangelove" an old Stanley Kubrick movie - this is such as awsome movie! It's one of those movies I've always thought I "must see" but I just never got there....if you have a chance to see it you have too - the bomb riding scene is my personal favourite.

On Saturday we got up realtively early - we headed out to Kenepuru to the farmers market which was really fun. Although the market didn't have as much fresh fruit and vege as we thought had lots of fresh baking, cheese, meat...I bought some really yummy capsicum pesto and Rich bought a blueberry muffin that really tasted like a muffin! Went to look at More Wilson on the way home - saw crazy things like 5kg containers of marge...

We then went to meet Ross, Nankz & Paul for lunch at 12 which was very cool - I got to see all of Nankz photos from his holidays in India & Sri Lanka which were really cool and heard all about his new "lavender" townhouse out in Lyall Bay which I can't wait to see.

After lunch Rich and I went to a second hand shop on Cuba Street and managed to pick up some of our costumes for the upcoming horror dinner party. I got a perfect long black witchy dress and Rich got a very cool blazer.

Saturday night we headed over to Kat's for her pot luck dinner birthday celebrations and had such and awesome night! I'd never been to Kat's before put her place is huge and it was really fun hanging out with a group of people we really didn't know! Kat's husband Adam is too funny and we spent half the night laughing!!

Sunday was pretty quiet compared with Saturday - althought we did go for a walk up to the brooklyn war memorial - what a fantastic view!! I had some photo's but they won't upload - I'm hoping I haven't reached my photo limit:(

The rest of the day was spent doing an assignment and in the evening we watched the movie I chose on Friday night - "The Crazies" - I thought it was a horror because it was directed by George A. Romero that directed "Dawn of the Dead" - but it was a truely terrible film - oh well - you can't win them all!

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