Monday, September 11, 2006

I suppose it's time I blogged about this so that everybody knows what's going on with me...

I have already told a few friends about this but not absolutely eveybody so I figure a lot of mates read this so if I write about it on here you will all know what's going on with me.

Well basically I've been a bit unwell over the past year and a half or so with bad stomach aches and general "lady problems".

After about a million tests and a million more anitibiotics and scans and all sorts of other tests the Doctors decided about two months or so ago that I may have endimetriosis. However, they can't determine this for sure without and operation called a Laparoscopy (Basically a small camera put into the tummy and cutting out/burning off an endometriosis while they are operating).

So right now I am waiting for this operation and I feel like I have been waiting absolutely forever for my operation....things have just got a bit bad lately for me - the pain is quite bad and last Thursday I had to go to the women's emergency ward at Wellington hospital - unfortunatly the specialist couldn't do much for me - except give me a whole bunch of hard out painkillers (I don't like taking tablets at the best of time so I'm not really happy at all about taking these painkillers).

However, here's doing what he can to get me the operation sooner - he said because I have had to come back to the hospital I will get pushed further up the waiting list and he has also shifted me to the waiting list out at Kenepuru Hospital (Porirua) as they waiting list out there is much shorter than in Wellington city.

So that's basically what's happening to me right now and it's very frustrating - I'm not able to do as much stuff as I normally do as I get tired easy and I am in pain a lot, even though the painkillers have lessened this the pain doesn't seem to go entirely away.

I just wanted you all to know because if I decide at the last minute not to meet someone for lunch or a movie or whatever it's because the pain is too bad and I'm upset because of it or just extremely tired because of the pain - not because I don't want to go out or because I've become one of those "Unreliable" people who say they will always turn up but never do.

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