Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The photo's from our Mini Break in Tauranga

Well here's a few photo's from our mini-break to Tauranga to see Rich's parents - I have to say the weather was so stunning over our little holiday which was fantastic - in fact at times it was in danger of being too hot!!

This first photo was taken on a beach walk that Rich and I did with his parents at Otemotai beach - the beach had a bit of an "Auckland" feel too it - I'm not sure what it was? Maybe all the white sand? I guess I'm just a rugged black sand west coast beach girl at heart.

The rest of the photo's were taken at an old quarry park near Rich's parents orchard in Te Puna. Bascially it's an old quarry that has been converted into a park/general area for the community to enjoy with all sorts of different community groups contributing to little gardens and local artists providing sculptures and other artwork - it quite a cool place.

This first picture shows just how incredibly dry it is over in Tauranga at the moment - when I was walking along here I felt more like I was in Australia than New Zealand everything was so so dry!

This second photo is an arty shot of a bit of a detour we took - the problem with private walkways is that they are never as well marked as DOC walkways - hence you end up in a newly planted Kauri forest and whilst Kauri are awesome trees you soon find yourself at a dead end!
This third shot is a bit of a view from the walkway with the Mount in the distance - there were some quite cool views along the walkway.
This is a photo of Rich on a cliff face - we think it was the highest point in the park - although it is difficult to tell given the lack of signposting!
Another photo of the summit - this time of me - in a sleeveless top - yes it really was hot over there. Thankfully no sunburn!
This was my favourite sculpture in the park - interactive art is always the best sort of art - basically it's a collection of old pots, pans, buckets, piping and whatever else you could imagine all strung up and lying on the ground as a fantastic musical instrument! Once you get started on this one you seriously can't get enough!
A photo of Rich attempting to climb a rock face for fun!
To finnish off - of course - our standard take a photo of ourself pic - this one was at the cliff top.

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