Saturday, September 16, 2006

Random Hoff moment that Jess sent to me yesterday

Diana wanted to bed me, Hasslehoff claims

15 September 2006

David Hasselhoff has claimed the late Princess Diana wanted to bed him.

The former Baywatch star boasted last night that the princess was "smitten" with him and "sparks" flew between them when they met in 1993.

Hasselhoff, 54, recently divorced his wife Pamela Bach, 43, and insists that he and Princess Diana, who tragically died in a 1997 Paris car crash, would have slept together "if circumstances had been different".

The actor claims when the pair met at a charity event in London, Diana, who was married to Prince Charles at the time, joked to him: "You look much better with your clothes on" to which Hasselhoff replied: "Well Ma'am, so do you."

At the launch of his new autobiography Making Waves, the former Knight Rider star said: "I felt like she was a little girl caught up in this whirlwind.

"She was smitten with me since I was so tall. I was smitten with her since she was so tall. But she was married and so was I. I probably would have gone after her if circumstances had been different. In the end, I just wanted to be a friend and to hang out with her."

Hasselhoff also revealed he recently met Diana's son Prince Harry at a polo match.
He said: "I strolled right up to him and said, 'Hey, I knew your mom and I thought she was awesome.'"

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