Monday, September 18, 2006

The rest of my weekend....

So yes I did make it up to the women's room to do my shift - it was actually quite cool going up there on a Saturday morning as it's so quiet and I was able to get heaps of work done on my assignment(which is now finally finished!).

After my shift went to pay Kat a quick visit at her shop then I had some yummy lunch with Rich....mmmm.....Corn Fritters....

Later on in the day I met up with Jess and Ange for our weekend walk and I got a little purse from Ange from her overseas trip which was really lovely. The three of us then went and checked out the "bones" of Ange & Brendan's new house in Johnsonville - which looks like it will be a really cool house when it's done - it's got really good views of the habour.

Saturday night Rich & I hung out with Ross and went to see Nacho Libre, the new Jack Black movie, it's such a hilarious movie!! I haven't seen a funny movie in ages and I needed a good laugh as well. I have to tell my little brother about it too, with his wrestling obsession (it's about a monk who is a wrestler in secret) he will love it. After the film we just went down to Midnight Expresso for a coffee (well actually chai latte) and gossip.

Yesterday I didn't do that much (despite it being such a fantastic day!) I finished off my assignment. Then at 2pm Rich and I went to look at a house - we knew it needed "some work" but it was not really so much a house as a "shack" - it was SUCH a dump - looked like a match was the best thing that could happen to it (and that's coming from someone that's really passionate about old homes!).

Finally in the evening went out to visit my friend Jo in Johnsonville and spent the afternoon/early evening hanging out with Jo and her friend Cindy which was fun - just sat around and drank Chai tea and ate yummy fruit platter that Jo made..mmmm...

Well it's time for me to finish getting ready for work as it's Monday again - but at least I only have a four day week as I am off to Tauranga for four days this weekend...Yah...I SO need a break!

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