Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weight Watchers Tonight

I've got Weight Watchers tonight and I'm really not sure how I'll go because I haven't been for two weeks seen as I was sick last week.

I was feeling pretty good after our Easter holiday as we had done heaps of walking and I had been eating quite well.

This last week I haven't been eating quite as well and I know I had too much snacky food at Ange's Tupperware party last night and I haven't been to gym since last Friday (although as always I have done heaps of walking over the past 3 days).

I was hoping that Rich and I could go for a big walk today as it's ANZAC day and I'm off work but Wellington has put on some of it's famous liquid sunshine so I won't be going anywhere just yet - AWESOME. I don't need a huge sunny day I just want the rain to stop so I can get some exercise!

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