Monday, April 24, 2006

The Big OE

As some of you guys know we have been talking for a while about doing our OE, and this year I have been seriously trying to save some cash for it!!

We have had the idea that we will go at the end of 2007 - but really haven't given the whole idea any more thought or action....

So I have decided it's time we did some more serious thinking about it - mostly because I'm not the sort of person who works well towards "sort of" and "one day" goals.....I need definate goals - I need to know what I am actually aiming for!

So yesterday I bought a book called the OE Companion - and have had a flick though that to give me some idea (although it seems to be more aimed at 21 year olds going on the piss in the UK for a whole year it does have some interesting stuff in it) of what we'll need to do to get there.

So basically it's now time for some research - as geeky as that is - have a few choices of where we would like to do our OE (and none of these places are London!!) so now just have to investigate them a bit more and decide where we actually want to go.

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