Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Colette Myrtle Dress

Some of you may already know I've not really been into making stuff for myself lately, I don't know why. I've just not been into it. I feel like I've been losing any desire to sew anything at all really. Which is a problem when I have a tonne of patterns and a bookshelf full of fabric.

So I decided to push myself to make something and see how it goes, I have had the Myrtle Dress from Colette patterns sitting around for a while and decided I'd try to make it up. I felt like I wanted to make something new, but didn't want something with a bunch of fitting dramas - so a simple knit dress is perfect.
I also decided to use some fabric I already had in my stash, as I'd never made this pattern before I didn't want to crack into anything fancy, so I used some paisley fabric I picked up at the op shop for a few dollars.
I posted a few photos of the dress on instagram along the way, because that's how I roll these days.
Here's the finished dress - I'm a bit on the fence about it, but I'm not sure if there's anything wrong with the dress or if its just my current "bleh sewing" mood.
I do have a couple of problems, one my hair is totally out of control (haircut on Saturday - yes) and two - I literally have no flats anymore. I threw out a bunch when we moved and not I really only have these skull ones and my walking sneakers. I think I need to go shoe shopping, these shoes don't work with this frock at all.
Here's the dress without the cardi, I have to admit one of the reasons I've been a bit reluctant to make this dress is that its sleeveless and due to the construction, I'm not really sure how to add sleeves. As I'm pretty much constantly cold, I'm not a big fan of sleeveless dresses, but I guess that's what cardis are for right?
Here's another "Action Shot" of the dress when I was out with Ria - photo is taken from the outside garden area at Te Papa. It was obviously windy, because I live in Wellington.

I don't know, I'm just not sold on this make and I think my next project will be for someone other than myself again. Not sure how to break these "sewing for myself blues" guys! Any tips are much appreciated.


Kura Carpenter said...

I'm sorry to hear about your lack of sewing mojo. My suggestion would be to pick a historical era to try. It creates a new set of mental problem solving challenges because different eras have different construction methods and that can be quite interesting to research. All the best. :)

Louise said...

I think it looks pretty cute! Well done. I bet that neckline was really difficult to do- not that I'd actually know where to start, but it looks complicated anyway. xx

Curtise said...

I like the dress! I know what it's like to make something to wear and then feel a bit unsure or disappointed with it, but I suppose you just have to keep sewing! You will, I know. xxx

Natalie Mulford said...

I really love the dress, personally, I think it looks great. Do you think it may be the fabric putting you off? Maybe something a little stiffer may sit better? Hope you get your 'sewing for yourself' mojo back, I wish I could sew!!!