Sunday, August 02, 2015

Super heroes dress!

The weekend after I returned from my trip to the USA it was time for Armageddon - it was my original plan to make some kind of Lumpy Space Princess cosplay when I got back from my trip to wear to Armageddon but I just ran out of time and energy to do that.

But I didn't want to go to Armageddon in non-themed clothes - so I looked in my stash and found this fabric I bought a while back with lady super heroes!
 I felt like I was lacking in motivation and brain power, so I made one of my favourite tried and true patterns that the lovely Vix sent me, the pattern is Maudella 5619 and I've made it a bunch of times including here, here and here (to name a only a few).

I didn't have enough of this fabric to make a whole dress, so I mixed it up with some plain black cotton (which I really need more of, I always go for the bright colours and patterns first). I was really happy with the way it turned out for a quick make with a slightly jet-lagged brain.

Here's a couple of photos with some very crumpled fabric - I've made plenty of clothes in the past from quilting cotton and they have wrinkled pretty easily, but this fabric is especially bad for creases for some reason. I added the black side panels as I didn't have enough fabric to go around and I also added a black strip down the back.
Did I enjoy Armageddon this year you may ask? The short answer is that is wasn't as fun as other years I've been and part of the reason may be that I wasn't in costume. However, when we went on Saturday it was INSANELY busy!! We could hardly move and it was hard to see any of the stalls and get photos with people in costume which was a bit of  bummer.

If I go in 2016 I think I will take Friday off and go then as hopefully it will be less busy as there were just too many people. 

The characters Shell and I got to meet were pretty cool though - the Ogie Boogy Man and Totoro!

I thought I'd finish this post off with an ACTUAL costume - last weekend we went to Auckland for Rich's sisters 40th, it was a dress up party so we went as Mexican day of the dead skulls.Obviously.

Hope you guys all had a super weekend xox


Curtise said...

The Superhero(ines) dress is fab, and your Day of the Dead make-up is wonderful! xx

Vix said...

Your make up and that dress are super fantastic! xxx

Anonymous said...

Super cute dress, I love it! What great fabric, and perfect for Armageddon