Sunday, August 23, 2015

USA Part three - Seatte

Our first stop in the continental USA  was Seattle, I have to admit Seattle isn't a place I'd ever really considering and I can't remeber how it ended up being one of the stops on our USA adventure! But sometimes the best places you visit are those you have no expectations for - I loved our time in Seattle, it is an amazing city.

First stop was our hotel, but it wasn't any boring old hotel. The hotel we stayed at was in the international district and its called the Panama Hotel. Although its called Panama, its roots are actually very Japanese, as it was a boarding house Japanese migrants lived in when the first arrived in the USA.

The Panama Hotel is in the international district, that has a whole bunch of interesting food and shops. There was also some really cute street art, like these Japantown signs.

Our first stop in Seattle? Well we really needed some real food! But on the way to find some eats we came across the city library, Rich has heard of this library and knew it was pretty fancy so we decided to take a look inside.

 Our next stop was the Pike Street Markets - the size of these markets was completely mind blowing. The fresh food parts of the market were so full you could hardly even move - but there were lots of fun retail stores there so we spent most of our time checking those out.  We did buy some of those amazing blueberries though!

After finishing up our blueberries we decided to check out the Olympic Sculpture Park and part of the Seattle waterfront walk. I miss these blue skies, just looking at these photos again makes me wish summer would hurry up already!

After looking around the waterfront and park we did spot the sky needle, but decided to check it out the following day. A night flight with little sleep the day before meant we were both pooped and in need of a rest!
However, after dinner we came to life a little more and decided to explore the International District a little more (it wasn't getting dark till 9pm so plenty of time for night time exploring).

Our second day in Seattle was MUCH busier than the first and deserves its own post for sure! Hope you guys all had a great weekend xo


Louise said...

I've never thought of visiting Seattle before... The only thought I've ever given it is when watching Sleepless in Seattle! It looks like a beautiful place, though. The Japanese street art is so cute, and it sounds like you had a great time. You look amazing in the pink and white dress, too! xx

Vix said...

So much for it always raining in Seattle, it looks wonderfully hot and sunny!
What a fab city, I've always fancied visiting and your photos certainly increase my enthusiasm for popping in when i eventually visit Krista! xxx

Unknown said...

Wow Seattle looks awesome! I never really thought about it as a "cool place" to visit if I ever make it to the USA but your photos make me feel intrigued with this city. :) The hotel looks so nice!

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