Sunday, April 12, 2015

Anchor Me Dress

It's time for another recent make - yes its another Laurel dress, but this version is made with fun anchor fabric and has frilly cuffs! Fancy.
The first outfit posts in out new house were taken in our courtyard and these have been taken on the balcony outside our bedroom that overlooks the city -  our lives are awesome.
I've made this dress a number of times before, but this is the first time I've added the gathered cuffs and I  actually think they are pretty cute. There's another version of the dress with pockets, so maybe I will add them next time.
The view of the city sure is pretty from up here - especially late in the day (these photos were taken Friday after work).
 I've given the dress its name as the fabric is covered with cute little anchors and its a bit different from the typical anchor prints that you can get. It's from our local craft store, Made Marion
You can even see the the tallest building in Wellington from our deck, its called the Majestic Centre. I used to work in here, but I'm glad I don't anymore as its a bit of a downer when you can ALWAYS seen your work, even when you're hiking in the town belt.

As for the name of the dress, it obviously comes from the fact that its covered in anchors *duh* but I also named it after one of my favourite songs from a pretty amazing New Zealand band - enjoy!


Curtise said...

Great frock, love the print and the sleeves, and love the view too! xxx

Louise said...

Love the dress, especially those sleeves. It looks awesome on you, too! The view from your home is amazing! All I can see out of most of my windows are old, ugly RAF houses and a bit of greenery. xx

Unknown said...

Aaw this dress is so cute! Can't believe how good you are at making dresses, it looks perfect! I can't sew so I always admire everything thats self-made :)

Vix said...

Gorgeous dress, loving those sleeves! x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Gorgeous dress, I love the cuffy detail. Oooh that view is just must be loving being in your own place! Xx

Meghan Edge said...

Love this dress- the sleeves with frills are an extra bit of icing on the loveliness cake. :-D