Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Part One - Good Friday

Hello world - it turns out is much harder to get back into blogging this time round that it has been other times I've had a break from it for some reason and I'm not sure why?  Anyway I've decided to do a few short Easter posts to get me back into the spirit of blogging, Easter is my favourite time of the year - Chocolate, bunnies, pastels and four glorious days off work. What's not to love. Also its a sign that we are well and truly into autumn in my part of the world - coming from a mild climate, I actually love autumn and winter. We don't have to deal with harsh snowstorms or temperature extremes so its not so tough. However, I do get to wear cute warm clothes like hats, scarves and tights. I also get to have beach walks on bleak days and I'm able to justify whole weekends crafting and drinking hot chocolate. Plus we tend to take our annual overseas holiday in the winter!

Back to Good Friday, well actually the day before, I have to say my job isn't perfect but I am blessed with the most amazing work BBFs which makes even the tough days good. It's particularly wonderful to arrive at work on the day before Easter Friday  and find these guys waiting for you.
Also these weren't random choices - its well know bunnies are my "power animal" and I have a soft spot for Reeces Pieces. I was so happy.

Anyway back to Good Friday, I had a pretty quiet day - I did some sewing (hopefully have another finished garment to show you soon) and I had a friend over for coffee (also showed her around the new place yah!). In the morning I did take a walk through our lovely city - including The Terrace, Aro Valley, Highbury and Kelburn. On a sunny autumn day - its a very pretty place to be.

I hope you all had a nice Good Friday - It's now Easter Sunday here and I'm visiting friends to dye Easter Eggs and eat pancakes. Until next time xo


Louise said...

Happy Easter! Sounds like yours started off really well. You can't beat Reece's Pieces! I can't wait to try the Reece's Pieces Eggs I bought, tomorrow. I had to buy a carton of them for each member of my family! Hope you have a great Easter Monday. xx

Curtise said...

Well, to be fair, you've had a lot going on, what with your house move, so don't worry about the blogging, you'll get back into it when you're ready.
Lovely pics, hope you're enjoying the long weekend. xxx

Vix said...

What a great view!
When I was an employee I liked Easter as I got an extra long weekend. The only bonus now is a bank holiday car boot! x

Meghan Edge said...

Beautiful pics, honey! And Happy Easter!

I'm finding it a lot harder to get back into blogging as well. I don't know what it is, but I'm really struggling to write posts. So good to hear from you!