Thursday, April 09, 2015

Age of Aquarius Exhibtion

During my absence from blogging, I was still doing a tonne of fun stuff. Including attending this amazing exhibition at The Dowse with my friend Joy.
If you've been reading my blog for a while, or if you actually know me in real life, you'll know when it comes to vintage I'm all about the 1970s. So I was so excited to have a chance to head along to this!

It was good to see this exhibition actually included some menswear! How rad are all these suits? Also those shoes on the bottom right of the photo above are platforms. How great is this carpet as well?
I love the colour blocking on this dress, and the rad carpet of course!! The dress below is so pretty, I'd totally wear that.
I love that one shouldered frock. I remember when I was in university the whole one shouldered dress/top was "in" but I didn't have the confidence to wear it. I have been thinking of making a one shouldered dress to wear to a friends wedding later this  year. Also LOOK AT THE SPARKLES on that shirt!
Some parts of the exhibition did not include clear descriptions - including the cabinet with this in it. Naked yoga before bed anyone?
These craft and design type books were in the same cabinet as the naked yoga book. The house in the bottom left image is amazing.
These were also  in the same cabinet - I really wish there had been more information. Who owned this shirt and badges and what were they like? I would love to have know more about the activism they were involved in.

 This part of the exhibition was pretty glamorous - velvet, satin, furs...

I loved this sparkly lurex top and the super cute camel skirt - I don't really even LIKE camels that much but there was something appealing about this skirt.

 This velvet frock was absolutely beautiful - I loved the flowers on the bottom.

 This dress is tricky - it looks like the mid-drift is exposed, but that's actually just white fabric!
 There was also a very disco type display - so many sparkles, I do really love sparkles!
How great is the fox detail on the back of this dress - its incredible! Although I'm not convinced that it would be that comfortable to wear, wouldn't it be heavy? I guess its worth it for the sake of fashion.

I hear that "cut outs" are a "thing" in fashion right now (I don't really understand fashion). Look at all these 1970s cut outs - they really had cut outs down to a fine art.
Not sure what underwear you would wear with this and I'm pretty sure you WANT to wear underwear with lurex.
Finally my favourite dress of the exhibition - this little green dress. Its not as flashy as some of the other frocks, but I would totally wear this to the office tomorrow if I could. I might even add that headgear, its pretty much a flower crown after all!


Louise said...

Wow, what a cool exhibit! I think the colour-block dress is my favourite, but the cut-out frocks are pretty awesome, too. I think you need to make yourself a dress like the green frock; it would look amazing on you! I love the colour green, and there really aren't enough green dresses in the world! Why is that?? xx

Vix said...

This looks like my idea of heaven, I'd probably have to be physically removed from the exhibit, crying 'cos I want it all! x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Amazing pics....looks like a fantastic exhibition. I keep imagining Vix in all those outfits! Xx