Friday, April 17, 2015

Something for the "kidlets"

Sometimes my brother texts me to tell me about how my niece and nephew are doing, he calls them the "kidlets" and I think that's kind of cute. I don't see my niece and nephew much and sometimes I struck by the urge to make something for them as I actually really like making kids clothes!

First up is this little dress I made for Sophiia, I got this vintage girls dress pattern in bulk lot of patterns - its a vintage girls dress and I LOVE the pattern envelope, I just think it looks so great. Look at the cute trim! The knee high socks!
Seen as I was making a vintage dress, I figured I may as well see what I had in the way of vintage fabric. As Sophiia has become older she's become very much a "girly" girl - its all pink and princesses. I don't really have a lot of that stuff in my stash, but I did have this flowery purple fabric - its not quite pink, but I was hoping she's be happy to wear it.
Here's the final dress - I decided to make version 4 on the pattern envelope, its the most simple version of the dress. But I figure Sophiia is only four, so she doesn't want to be wearing anything too fussy.
Here's a photo of Sophiia wearing her dress - she doesn't really like to smile in photos. Can you tell? Also this is a photo taken on my brother phone, so its kind of crap quality.
I decided to make my nephew Lukah a tee shirt, I really wanted a raglan tee but I didn't have one in my stash. But the op shopping gods were smiling upon me as the weekend I decided I wanted to make a boys raglan tee I  had to go to the salvation army to drop some stuff off we didn't need anymore and I found this in their sewing section. There's actually a lot in this pattern - men and boys tee shirts and track pants, a hat and for some weird reason a cushion (whatever).
I had some fun space invaders fabric that my friend Jo had bought for me from Levana - thanks Jo!
When I was making this tee shirt it occurred to me that Lukah would have NO IDEA what space invaders were, as he's only 8 years old and space invaders would seem like ancient technology to him. I just hope he liked the pattern!
Here's the finished tee shirt - its not really sitting so well on the hanger but you guys get the picture right? Unfortunately my brother didn't send through a picture of Lukah wearing it so I don't have any "action" shots for you guys.

Hope you guys have a fun weekend - I'm going to be catching up with some friends and hopefully I will get to do some sewing too!


Vix said...

What a great Auntie you are, those creations are entirely fabulous! Sophiia looks so cute in her dress. x

Curtise said...

Both the dress and t-shirt are fantastic, Trees - what a great auntie you are! Nina's been asking me for ages to make something for her... oops, Bad Mummy! xxx

juxtapose nz said...

Totally nothing to do with this post, but did I buy some of your fabric at the last Fabric-a-Brac?