Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm back - with BIG news!

Hello guys - so the computer repair took a LOT longer than I thought, about three weeks in all - my hard drive failed *boo*

In the meantime all kinds of fun stuff has been happening around here - including our big news - we bought a house like adults and its scary because I generally like to avoid being an adult at any cost.

Also when I  say house - I don't mean an ACTUAL house its a split house, so more of an apartment or flat (depending on what you call it in your part of the world).

Remember when I was talking about working on a big project - this was it! I was spending a lot of my evenings working on the due diligence for the property and sending various e-mails to various people.

We are moving in next Tuesday - and spent last weekend cleaning and packing so I think it will still be a while before life if back to normal! But I will try and catch up with your blogs when I can - see you soon!


Curtise said...

How exciting! Wishing you both lots of luck with the move, and loads of happiness in your very own home! xxx

Vix said...

Welcome back! What fabulous news. Can't wait to see photos when you're all moved in. xxx

Louise said...

So excited for you! Hope your move goes well, and you get settled in really quickly! Good luck! Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing pictures soon! xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Sorry I haven't commented for a while, it's been hard to come back to normal life after holidays. Congratulations on your huge purchase. Must feel great to not have to rent anymore! Xx