Friday, January 30, 2015

So you might not see me around for a while...

Hi All! Just a quick post to say you won't be hearing much from me in the new few weeks. On Wednesday night my computer died - I only bought it in May last year so its pretty frustrating.

I will still comment on your blogs when I can - but the only other laptop in the house belongs to Rich and he is in the final weeks of his Masters so he kind of needs his computer most of the time.

I will be back, sometime soon, I promise and if you do want to see what I'm up to I will still be posting on Instagram.


Louise said...

I know how you feel! Just got mine back from being fixed, but the battery wasn't covered, so I'm not able to use my laptop properly until the battery I ordered gets here. Mine's a few year's older than yours, though, so I can only imagine how unimpressed you are that your newish laptop broke so soon. Fingers crossed it gets back to you in one piece soon and doesn't cost you a fortune to fix! xx

Unknown said...

Oh no you poor thing! How annoying! Well, then again it might be nice to be away from the computer a bit. I believe sometimes these unexpected breaks make you appreciate other things more again, e.g. reading books, knitting or whatever else is there to do. ;)