Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fabric-a-brac - April 2013

Hello World! I had a really great start to my weekend this weekend, I spent my Saturday morning volunteering on the Hospice Stall at fabric-a-brac. It was a good chance to do a good thing for a good cause, catch up with some fellow sewing/crafty ladies and of course do a spot of shopping.
Here's a small sample of some of the great fabric people donated for the hospice stall - so MUCH fabulous fabric and this was only one stall of many.

Here's the fabrics and patterns I picked up from fabric-a-brac - so many good things and I didn't even spend much money (promise!).

Fabric-a-brac is usually held in Newtown, but this time it was held in the old Dominion Museum at Massey University. It's a lovely building and the tomb of the unknown warrior and the National War Memorial is in from the Museum.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far - its my last weekend in Wellington before I spend three whole weeks in the USA! Yikes!


Curtise said...

What a great event! You picked up some great fabric, the yellow check and groovy green floral look amazing. Lovely patterns too.
The US trip has come round so fast - how exciting! Now - what are you going to pack?! xxxxx

Vix said...

That third one down, the green floral, I love it! Can you imagine how fantastic that trouser suit would look in it? xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

What a beautiful location to enjoy rummaging!! I'm entranced with all of your finds, I love the sparkly stretch jersey fabric but it's such a shame we only have about two months a year in which we can wear such fabrics. Aaaahhh you're a good sort to volunteer my lovely:) xoxo

two squirrels said...

So much fabulous fabric....eekkkk I would have gone crazy.
I love the ones you picked out.
Yay off to the USA.......have the most wonderful time!!!!! So excited for you.
Love V

Monsterchen said...

omg that would have been heaven on earth for me!!! so many fabulous fabrics to choose!
love and kiss,mary

Wait Until The Sunset said...

Oh wow!! This looks great! Have you seen the website where you can design and print your own material prints?? Hmmm, I'll look it up and get back to you! x

alicia said...

wouldn't it be great if i mailed you the EXACT fabrics you chose at joanne fabrics somehow? it would be even better if they arrived in a comically over-sized mailing envelope! <3