Saturday, January 10, 2015

Here's to a creative 2015

I've been thinking long and hard about my new years resolutions for 2015 and I've decided that I want to focus on my creative stuff this year. When life gets tough it seems for me that the creative stuff is the first thing in my life to give, which is a shame, as its also one of the things that keeps me sane!

So here's to some creative resolutions for 2015!

Cross-stitch more!

I love cross stitch, its easy to do and fun and there are SO  MANY amazing designs out there now (including Rich's of course). I also find cross-stitch so meditative. 

I love making cross stitch for our house, but also for our friends. There are so many patterns so you can easily make cross-stitch that is on point for your friends interests - regardless of whether their interests are horror movies, narwhals or Adventure Time. I love cross-stitch and I want to make more this year! I've just been to buy some supplies today to make a start on a cross-stitch for a friends birthday.

Do more craft swaps

I love craft swaps - I used to do HEAPS on Craftster, but in the last year or two I have only done a couple. This year I want to do one swap a month - I have signed up for a "fill a mug" swap on Craftster for January. If you want to do a craft swap with me (Valentines, Easter, Christmas?) let me know. 

Tackle the terrifying UFO and mending pile

First up I need to tell you guys I have this weird thing where I REALLY love cutting out fabric, I feel like I should take up patchwork/quilting because cutting out is my favourite part of the process by a LONG shot. My love of cutting out stuff means I have a LOT of cut out projects that I am yet to sew up! This year I want to actually SEW UP all the stuff I have cut out AND tackle that mending pile! There are some cool dresses I have that only need minor repairs, I need to make those repairs!

Sew more from my stash & sewing for others

Like a lot of sewists - I have a lot of fabrics and a lot of patterns! A lot of what I have is from op shops, swaps, fabric-a-brac or has been given to me. Some of it is new and I have to admit, I just have TOO MUCH. I need to sew this stuff up and I need to stop "saving" fabric and just sew it. Even if I mess it up and its cool fabric, there is loads more cool fabric in my stash and in the WORLD! I also want to sew more for my friends, my niece and nephew and of course for Rich (hes been waiting for a shirt for a REALLY long time).

Has anyone else made any new years resolutions? Any creative/sewing resolutions?


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I never make new year resolutions. January 1st is just another day to me, rather insignificant! I can't believe you like cutting fabric etc...that's my least favourite part of the process. I guess I feel if I mess that part up there's no going back! I need more fabric in my life, my small stash is running out! Xx

Vix said...

Love those naughty cross stitches, what a great pressie. x

Louise said...

These are such great goals! I'm always amazed by all the lovely things you make! I suck at crafting, but I enjoy it so I give it a go anyway. Cross stitching is so therapeutic, but the ones I've made aren't half as cool as yours. I only ever really make Christmas pictures, but I've just started an Easter themed one because I get to play with lots of colourful threads! So fun! xx

Curtise said...

Hope you get to do lots of creative stuff this year, since you love it, and you're really good at it!
I don't make resolutions, but I have hopes of making a few things (clothes probably) this year too. xxx

Sewmancer said...

If you do end up doing more cross stitching - I find its a nice addition to a tote bag! I'm at the stage where there's only so much wall space left in my house :(

Meghan Edge said...

I have a hard time with resolutions, because I never do them, but yours are very inspiring. I, too, have a UFO pile that needs tackling.

I hope you have a very crafty year (and I know you will!).

Corrine said...

What a clever crafter you are! I love the pieces that you've showcased here.

I'm not sure if I have resolutions, but my theme for 2015 is "progress". Whatever I set my sights on, I'm determined to accomplish it! (I handed in my completed university submission yesterday - fingers crossed! - so I think I'm doing okay so far!)

Unknown said...

I love all the crafty motivation in this post! I'm not exactly a crafty person but I enjoy scribbling silly little illustrations into my calendar diary and have decided to do that much more this year! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes to crafting more! I'm the same, it's the first to go when I'm stressed even though it's the best thing for me when I am. I'll cheer you on! And I'd love to do some swaps, I admire your swap posts so hard.